Yin Yoga

Think self-massage! This is a calm and peaceful practice consisting of poses held for 3 to 5 minutes, primarily on the floor. The goal of this class is to release connective tissue: muscles, fascia, joints, tendons and ligaments.

Abbey balances informative, clear cues while encouraging her students to create space and stillness to deepen their practices. She instructs the use of props including straps, blocks, and bolsters to promote comfort while safely stretching to release tension and stress.

Power Vinyasa

Abbey’s Power Vinyasa class sequences are creative, powerful and well-balanced. She focuses on alignment and breath, building heat and strength.

Abbey consistently offers many pose variations to encourage you to explore at your own pace. Her students leave this class feeling strong, open and refreshed.

Healing Sound Bath Meditation

A Sound Bath is a meditatiive and theraputic experience that uses the vibrations produced by sound (Abbey will use crystal bowls) to promote deep relaxation and healing. These vibrations resonate within the body's cells and promote deep emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical benefits. Think extended Shavasana PLUS! You will leave feeling relaxed, peaceful, light, clear. Simply put a better version of yourself when you leave then when you arrived! Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a yoga mat or meditation pillow. Optional props are a blanket, bolster and blocks. $35 pre-registration required. Dharma Massage & Wellness | 420 Post Road West | Suite 201A | Westport.


Private Yoga

Abbey designs your practice to be exactly what your body needs. She has had tremendous success with private clients, helping them recover from injury, overcome minor aches & pains and either begin or comfortably get back to their practice. Her private sessions are perfect to deepen your personal practice. Or, grab friends and family for a connected experience.

Classes are held in your home, virtually or at a location of your choosing. Whether you are a beginner or advanced level yogi, you will feel better when you step off your mat than when you stepped on. Let's take care of the one body you have.

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"I have to tell you I never meant any instructor who is more descriptive and precise than you! WOW!! YOU ARE THE BEST OF THE BEST!! I appreciate all the love and hard work you put into your classes - its the best part of my day!!"

Trisha L, Westport CT

"Jay Wright Villanova’s basketball coach suggested I try hot Bikram Yoga for for my chronic back issues. Met Abbey in 2016. Game changer. Now I carry my own bag when I play 18 holes. She will change your life."

George C, Fairfield, CT

"Abbey is an extraordinary yoga teacher and guide. I have studied with her in the studio as well as by Zoom through Covid. She is well versed in many styles of yoga and has an ability to weave them together and create unique classes. Her knowledge of anatomy is also extensive. It allows her to provide classes that are accessible to any participant and safe for those who might have an injury or other limitation. She consistently provides the class that I didn’t know I needed. I am thrilled that we have the opportunity to share in this new evolution of her teaching."

Katy D, Black Rock CT

About Abbey

Abbey Chase Yoga is a strong, fitness-based yoga practice for all levels, focusing on alignment, breath & creating heat. Abbey offers both live and recorded open classes via Zoom, as well as personalized private sessions both streaming & in-person (safely distanced).

With a background in long distance running, Abbey understands the mindset of the competitive athlete. She designs her classes to build heat and strength. They are creative, powerful and well-balanced. Abbey instructs clearly with modifications and offerings for greater challenge, making her classes inclusive and accessible for all levels. She works with individuals of varying fitness levels, ages, injuries and limitations.

Abbey encourages her students to realize that consistent practice leads to real, measurable results. You will be empowered to nourish, heal and grow both on and off your mat. After her class you will be strong both inside and out. Come feel for yourself!

Facebook and Instagram @abbeychaseyoga



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